Money 20/20

Last year we pitched on the first Money20/20 at the excellent Bella Center venue in Copenhagen. That brief was my dream brief! Scandi inspired break out spaces; a style that I love. So we designed and built lots of cool wooden structures; bird box cabins with exposed Ply for small meetings, on wheels so they could be private small meetings or all joined together for larger ones. We built a giant CNC bird cage and flat pack phone charging tree from marine ply. Further meeting Spaces were based in wooden green houses.
This year’s brief was based around a superhero theme which really pushed the old creative brain cells. After some thought though we worked up some ideas based loosely around the Metropolis, a place where super heroes would hang out and save the world! Urban, edgy, industrial creates using a mixture of reclaimed and non standard exhibition materials.
We came back with a mood board and some rough designs that we then developed with the client into the finished article. The cavernous hallway diving 2 exhibition halls was then filled with wooden bleacher seats, subway carriages made from twin wall polycarbonate for meetings, bus stops as info points, and fake open sided shipping containers for lounge areas. The large outside space, the urban garden was also full of our scaffold plank tables and benches and movable reclaimed wooden fencing. We developed the clients request for a start up business area into a start up city into a literal mini city- 4m tall skyscrapers and sky lines made from painted and stained OSB, each brand with it’s own corner to display on.
We love a challenge and the end result was loved by us, client and guests. Phew!
Money 20/20 Europe in Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. From 26th to 28th of june 2017.
Photo: Jens Panduro.

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