Tarren build a photo booth that serves beer and takes your photo, cheers!

TPL Build a photo booth that serves beer and takes your photo, cheers!
It’s not every day that a great beer brand decided to engage with such a fun brand activation.

With a short lead time (less than 2 weeks!) Tarren Production scanned the creative design and built a touring photo booth for craft beer brand Vedett. Inside this cosy cubicle, guests would be served a pint of their favourite Belgian Beer Extra Blond. Whilst at the same time the digital camera in the beer pump took your photo and turned you into a printed celebrity on your very own beer mat!

Technical Specification

  • 6sq Mtr booth construction in metal for durable touring.
  • Complete vinyl graphics wrap in full colours to match clients Pantone references.
  • Internal antiqued wooden bar flooring and counter.
  • Fit beer pump system ready for cellar tech to connect.
  • Recess all electrical services internally within the build for a clean line finish and correct photography illumination.
  • Install computerised till system and printer (keeping both dry) ready for photos!
  • Modular design to ensure everything can be taken apart for easy touring.

Director Chris Tarren said about the Vedett photo booth build:
“Wow, this was a really tight turn around for an unusual brand activation. On first inspection the technical specification was not difficult and the project build was fairly straight forward on paper, but it was the combination of the 2 parts coming together in a very small area that took considerable planning and careful thinking time’”

“Rob and our warehouse team created a really professional finish on this branded project and the photo booth has been a great success in the pubs and clubs it has been activated in”

We’ll, drink to that!


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