Super Foods, Super Show

Whilst the TPL Senior Production Managers were focusing on the finer video and lighting details of the latest Superdry Catwalk event, a quiet and focused team of 3 chefs were working backstage to keep the guests and models fed and chilled out, ready for the evening fashion show.

After putting in a temporary kitchen together with power, water, waste management and a full layout of kitchen equipment the abandoned warehouse kitchen was show ready to deliver 400 meals a day with a posh ‘’English High Tea’’ on the menu, and a few extra foodie twists thrown in for Superdrys international clients.

Operations Manager for Tarren Production, Simon Rastall said – ‘’after looking over the venue we decided to just view the building as a green field site and transpose all the site services onto a blank canvas; we basically approached this build with our festival heads on and upgraded the food to suit the international clientele’’

‘’ Both the chefs and the technical crew did a stunning show in this unusual warehouse setting’’


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