Post festival season round up

Anybody feeling the post-festival blues? We are having a reminisce, a re-coop and a re-shuffle after another highly successful and busy season.

We had some amazing experiences working with new clients: Larmer Tree Festival and Just So Festival this summer, and we couldn’t be happier that our Matua Sessions Tour ended with with a bang at Bestival this year, with the bar sitting directly opposite what is now officially the world’s largest disco ball!

Massive thank you’s again for the continued support of all our contractors, freelancers and colleagues who make all our events possible. It’s a privilege to collaborate with you all and become such an awesome team every year! We have come out with chins up and heads high this September because although the festival season is technically over, we still have lots of upcoming events to keep us busy and we look forward to more exciting projects this Autumn!

Matua Sessions Tour – Bestival Video

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