NEW Covid Business Support Services

Our new Crew by Tarren service has been busy helping local international fashion brand Superdry, in the re-organisation of their split office spaces at the Runnings in Cheltenham, which houses over 500 members of staff at their HQ.  While the majority of team members have been working from home, Crew by Tarren has been assisting in a transformational project to implement new safety measures, to protect essential office staff and those returning to the office.  

Our skilled team have been assisting the in-house IT department roll out their new desk set up, unpacking hundreds of new monitors, setting them up, and dismantling their predecessors. Along with respacing workstations, chairs & fully disinfecting spaces ready for employees to return.  We also assisted in the disposal of all unnecessary furniture and fabric sofa’s seats that aren’t Covid compliant.

Along with all of these efficient and affordable services, we have also reconfigured our queuing products to offer a Covid19 compliant queue management system.  Depending on the size of the event, reception area or retail space, this can be a barrier / Rope & Post system, or for larger events or spaces we operate a fully managed queueing system, ensuring your event or operation is as safe as possible and complies with local council health & safety.

If your business needs assistance in any Covid related areas, we have a great team of people ready to come and support you. 

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