ClientMoney 20/20 / Ascential
SkillsDesign, Build and European Logistics

European Money 20/20 - Worldwide Finance Conference 2017

Brief: To create 3 break-out spaces with the wow factor for Money 2020, taking into account their comic book hero theme for 2017. The event prides itself on being non-corporate, fun and innovative.

Who: Money 2020/Ascential.

Money 2020 is a tradeshow for the financial services sector, consisting of informative talks, debates, and influential speakers from across the world. The show was originally founded in 2012 and hosted in Las Vegas. This was its second foray into the European market.

When: June 2017

Where: Bella Centre, Copenhagen

What We Did: Working closely with the show organisers, Team Tarren were responsible for designing, building and installing each of the 3 break-out spaces. These were spaces for guests to relax, network and refresh, and we wanted to create amazing visuals that would serve as talking points for the delegates. In the pre-production phases of the event we travelled to Copenhagen to scope out the venue, and to get an idea about how we could best maximise its spaces. 

  1. The Atrium-This space sat at the centre of the event and was therefore a focal point. Seating was created for 200 people, along with chill-out spaces for delegates to network. In keeping with the theme, we gave this area a Metropolis city feel- creating bus stops and subway carriages from steel and polycarbonate structures for guests to explore. In addition to this we created skyscraper-style seating, graphite covered containers and wooden bleacher seats to complete the space, and made room for a fruit infusion bar, pick n mix station and several photobooths.
  2. Start-Up City– In this area we created spaces for 30 start-up businesses to showcase their products. We incorporated a Gotham City theme, with each exhibition desk in set in front of a wooden painted skyline.
  3. Urban Garden– This was an outdoors space, complete with wet weather precautions, and functionality for delegates to network and relax. We based this area on a metropolitan Brooklyn rooftop. To achieve this we put in place our Industrial Poseur Tables, Cable Drum Tables and Rustic Wooden Planters, along with a phone charging tree for guests to top up the battery on their devices. 

Challenges: Logistics and time. 3 Arctic lorries were required to transport the project’s many components through Europe and into Copenhagen. Once arrived, Team Tarren had 2 days to construct the 3 spaces. 

The biggest challenge was that the space that we were using to create the Urban Garden was the Bella Centre’s loading bay, which was in-use for the duration of the event build. This meant that there was very minimal time before the event opened to construct the area. 

We had this in consideration throughout the design process, and ensured that the area we produced could be quickly constructed to enable it to be installed at the last minute. We also pre-built a lot of the space and seating at our HQ in Cheltenham to save time.

Outcome: Ascential were thrilled with the end result, saying that they were ‘impressed with Tarren’s understanding and interpretation of the brief, execution of thebuild, and professionalism when on site’.


We then returned to create Money 2020’s circus themed 2018 event!