Wychwood Festival 2016

What you having? Oh, make mine a Goblin.

Tarren Production not only won the contract for the full technical production for the Wychwood Festival, but also for the management of the bar infrastructure and its bar operations when the festival was live.

With 6,000 thirsty guests onsite and some of the best weather in years, we had our work cut out for us, but it wasn’t a problem because we had fashioned beer gardens around the site to increase usability.

First we built the Craft Beer styled bars with old fashioned rustic fixtures and fittings. We adapted the styling to include the sponsors branding and design requirements. All the staff were managed through TPL and stock was requisitioned and managed by TPL’s experienced team and personal licence holders were onsite 24/7 for the operation. We want to thank Wychwood Brewery and their cellar tech team for great support throughout the event.

Also included in our pack of festival surprises was the Hobmog beer dispense trailer from Wychwood Brewery. The awesome beast of a bar painted with Hobgoblins was located in the main arena and ran with 5 staff and a technical cellar manager from our crew.

There were multiple bar areas operating until 2am in the morning and being managed by constantly by TPL. The crowd were very well behaved enhancing Wychwood Festivals’ reputation as a great family festival where all ages are welcome to come and have fun.

Wychwood 2016 - Hob Goblin copyWychwood 2016 - Bar7 copyWychwood 2016 - Bar2 copy

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