Visitor Experiences by Tarren

We create great visitor experiences, whatever the season!

As a team of creative events and tourism specialists, we have a raft of inspirational visitor experience concepts and assets to hand. Whether you are looking for a cultural initiative, immersive experience or a historical re-invention, we have the skills and expertise to help you enhance your visitors on-site experience.

For spring we have traditional Easter trails, discovery journeys and interactive experiences which can be adapted to reflect your location, vision or mission. Our interpretation team can work with your existing brand and identity to create an ‘on brand’ experience that excites and engages your visitors.

For example our new 2021 spring/summer concepts:

You Are Here – A celebration of the universe around us, encompassing the gargantuan to the miniscule. In a world where COVID has denied culture and community, we look at our natural uniting elements. This approach is particularly effective in conservation or heritage sites, gardens and parks.

Breathe is a fresh new and immersive outdoor experience focused on wellness and positivity, including the study of the natural environment in all it’s summer seasonal glory. We take our themes from flora and fauna, our collective human connection with the outdoors and curiosity for the world around us.

For the autumn our services range from family friendly magical woodland outdoor experiences to adult only fright-mare events. Finally for the winter months, our acclaimed winter light trails can be creatively designed to reflect your history and heritage and expertly weave in thematic topics and storytelling. With an in-house stock of lighting, art installations, decor and theming assets, we can repurpose for your unique needs or create something entirely new.

We offer several different operating models, including sole service provision, partnership initiatives, joint ventures and shared risk options.

To find out more about how we can drive additional visitation to your venue, enhance visitor engagement, increase dwell time and secondary spend, please email –

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