Superdry’s Global Sales Meeting for Autumn/Winter 2017.

Working out of the history steeped Manchester Central – complete with original Station Clock – TPL brought in full event production including: staging, rigging, lights, sound, AV and furniture to what was originally an empty venue.

Starting work just after Christmas, a whopping 60 rigging points were installed, and zones were created for the catwalk, presentation area and for two bespoke stores which were used to showcase the new men and women’s lines.

When the delegates arrived for their first afternoon they were greeted with a black box, as drapes were used to conceal everything except for the presentation area and front screen. Following the initial talks the drapes were removed in a dramatic moment as the screen simultaneously rose to revel the catwalk & dining area. The delegates then took their seats for the evening’s entertainment.

Following the dinner & catwalk TPL reset the venue overnight by removing the catwalk and moving the presentation area forwards ready for the rest of the conference.


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