The Cotswolds Distillery Event Bar Build

Modular Event Bar Build
Exhibition Stand Design
ClientThe Cotswolds Distillery
SkillsDesign, Build, Install, Tour

The Cotswolds Distillery Event Bar

Brief: To design and build a modular event bar for The Cotswolds Distillery to use on their exhibition stand at Whisky Live Paris.

Who: The Cotswolds Distillery – Award-winning producers of outstanding natural spirits including Cotswolds Dry Gin and Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky. 

Where: Whisky Live Paris– The largest whisky and spirits trade show in Europe, held at La Vilette.

When: October 2019

What Tarren did: We designed an oak-topped bar for the event that fit in with The Cotswold Distillery’s branding, including a bar veneer that matched their colour palette. After building it in the Tarren workshop, we then transported the bar to Paris before installing into the client’s allocated exhibition stand.

Challenges: The biggest challenge was transporting the bar safely, and so that it would not be damaged. As it was a bulky singular solid unit this was difficult. For this reason we designed the bar to be palleted, and in doing so we have created a bar that can be used by the client beyond Whisky Live.