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Covid-Safe Office Restructure - Superdry

Brief: Superdry asked us to assist in the restructuring of their Head Office to comply with Covid-safe working practices. Tasks includes re-positioning chairs and desks, and issuing new IT equipment whilst repacking old IT hardware.

Who: Superdry are one of the UK’s greatest fashion brand success stories.  Founded by British entrepreneurs Julian Dunkerton & James Holden they have been a household brand for over 15 years.  Offering great hoodies, T-shirts and the classic windbreaker jacket they break the mould in modern fashion. Superdry are based in Cheltenham, and employ approximately 900 staff.

Where: We worked across 6 of Superdry’s buildings at their HQ in Cheltenham.

When: We were asked to assist in early September, and spent approximately 5 days on site completing the works.

What we Did: We worked with Superdry’s Project Management and IT departments to complete a number of tasks, which they oversaw and designated a plan for. We started by respacing the desks across all the departments, and repositioning furniture and equipment to ensure the safety of staff returning to the office, and to allow them to socially distance. We removed any broken furniture, and broke them down into parts to be used in the future to ensure the longevity of the remaining furniture.

We also replaced the IT hardware at each desk, unpacking and wiring new monitors and replacing, re-packing and removing the old ones.

Challenges: All the usual challenges that come with working with large and heavy furniture, however our experienced and talented Crew knew how to overcome this safely. A lot of our work took place outside of normal working hours, either early in the morning or over the weekend, to ensure that we weren’t working in over-populated spaces, and to ensure that day-to-day operations at Superdry weren’t affected and everybody was able to socially distance.