ClientPeppermint Bars, Matua Wines
SkillsBrand Activation, Festival Build,

Matua Wines Festival Tour

Brief: To create a live music venue and bar for Matua Wines, with seating and a stage to be toured around festivals.

Who: Peppermint Bars– providers of festival and event bars. Matua Wines– a New Zealand based wine brand.

Where: UK wide festival tour- including Love Supreme, Bestival and Camp Bestival

Our Role: Peppermint Bars approached us with some initial drawings for the project from their Creative Team, we then worked closely with them to build their creation and bring it to life. 

The structure comprised of 2 areas which we decided to make out of reclaimed wood and corrugated materials. The first area was the public facing bar, which comprised of the bar, seating and stage. The second was the backstage area which included the Production Office, Dressing Room, wine cellars and staff toilets.

We toured the project and our Crew built and de-rigged it at each festival site.

Challenges: One of the biggest challenges with this project was meeting the touring budget. In order to do this we designed the structure so that it could be erected and dismantled quickly at each festival site. The structure was also designed in a way to ensure that it could be packed down and transported in one articulated lorry. This careful planning in the construction stages enabled us to tour the project to multiple festival sites whilst meeting the budget.

Fun Fact: Whilst at Bestival the Matua bar sat opposite what is now officially known as the worlds largest disco ball.