SkillsPlanning, Visuals, Design & Build.

Freixenet - London Wine Fair

Brief: To create a secret garden space at the London Wine Fair to house Freixenet’s custom Citroen H Van. This was the official trade launch of the brand’s ICE Rosè and Prosecco, which would be served from their van.

Who: Freixenet- The largest producer of traditional method sparkling wine worldwide.

When: May 2017 

Where: The London Wine Fair at Olympia London

What We Did: Tarren were responsible for the design, planning and build elements of this project. 

We wanted this exhibition space to feel like an area that guests could step away from the hustle and bustle of the Wine Fair, allowing them to try Freixenet’s ICE Rose and Prosecco in a tranquil space. To create this atmosphere we built a seating area that was screened off from the main exhibition hall, and incorporated lots of natural elements including foliage, greenery and light colours to make guests feel as though they were in a garden.

We took Freixenet’s aesthetic into consideration when designing the stand and incorporated astro-turf flooring, rose arch trellis and lots of plants.

The space also contained a meeting area, branded product displays and shelving and a plasma TV for displaying promotional materials, along with space for the customised H Van to park and serve product. Tarren were responsible for siting the vehicle at the event, and liaised with the venue to do so.