Our 2020 Event Trend predictions

Which trends will be taking over the Events Industry in 2020? It always helps to be ahead of the curve, so we spoke to our Production & Design Team to found out what they will be looking for in the coming year…

1. Unique experiences that bring value for money

Chris Tarren of Tarren Production

When deciding where to spend their money eventgoers now want experiences that they can’t find anywhere else. For example, take the Henry Weston’s Big Top at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival- who would have thought of putting jazz music in a Circus Big Top 5 years ago? But it works, and people love it.

Now events are all about the greater experience and value for money. There is a greater checklist that consumers have to tick off before they part with their money; what does the venue look like? How is it themed/decorated? If there is a bar does it serve a cheap lager, or craft gin? 

Expectation is now much higher and perceived value for money is key. You could have an amazing show or event, but if you haven’t thought about the overall customer experience, then you will fall down.

Chris TarrenFounder & Managing Director

2. Home away from home

I see a movement towards temporary events no longer feeling temporary. The days of squatting in a muddy 2-man tent and sitting on camping chairs seems to be moving more towards luxury spaces; with homely furniture, carpets, even fire places, attendee’s seem to want that “home away from home” feeling more than ever!

Charli ShephardJunior Production Manager

3. Going Even Greener

In 2020 the mindset of thinking globally and acting locally will be at the forefront of event planners’ minds. The need for sustainability in every part of our lives is inescapable, and we are not immune in the events industry. We need to look at how we can draw upon local and sustainable resources to produce truly unique events.    

Becks HemusSenior Creative Producer

4. Photo Opportunities

In order to keep up with Instagram, events need unique areas that encourage people to take photos Insta-worthy photos. We have seen a huge increase in the demand for branded signs, archways and large props. The more unique the better. Hashtag mosaic walls will also be a popular option to drive audience engagement. 

Harad SmithProduction Manager

5. Festivalisation

There is no event that can’t be turned into a festival. The lines are blurring between consumer and corporate festivals; conferences are now becoming ‘festivals of learning’ and we have seen both corporate and private parties take on the festival structure. We’re already planning 2020 projects where traditional venues are taking their events outside with glamping or outdoor party experiences.

Harad SmithProduction Manager

What do you think the major event trends for 2020 will be? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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