The event makers

Chris Tarren

Founder & Managing Director

With 20 years in the industry and having worked on over 2500 separate events.
Chris loves…
Technical, Production & Delivery

Amy Tarren


Amy having trained and worked in both theatre and creative live events, we find Amy loves…
Detail, Accuracy & Consistency

Simon Rastall

Non Executive Director

Simon has a wealth of business and big event problem solving experience.
Simon loves…
Thinking, Planning & Improving

Rik Haines

Senior Events Producer

Rik’s a skilled and versatile producer who has managed music festivals, PR stunts, experiential activations and product launches. In addition to premium Coffee, Rik loves…
Uniqueness, Customer Experiences & Creativity

Rowenna Hills

Sales Consultant

Rowenna has a natural ability to understand people and interprets our customers more unusual requests.
Row loves…
Finding, Meeting & Chatting

Harad Smith

Junior Production Manager

Harad’s early career in live Radio events and her natural ability to organise means Harad is our uber planner.
Harad Loves…
Accuracy, Efficiency & Intelligent Research

Charli Shephard

Junior Production Manager

Charli came to help with a small project and we didn’t want her to leave. She is an experienced engineer in the sound world.
Charli loves…
A Glorious Snare Tone, New Shiny Kit, Big Stages

Claire Dovey

Finance Controller

Claire is a freelance accounting and business services specialist who looks after all the accounts and financial control operations for Tarren.
Claire loves…
Systems, Controls & Receipts!

Tom Roberts

Operations Lead

Tom is just about the happiest person we know. When things get tough, It’s a pleasure to work alongside his good nature and can do attitude.
Tom loves…
Listening, Building & Delivering

Lauren Geary

Office Assistant

Lauren has a great deal of Festival and Music industry experience.
Lauren loves music and is a keen supporter of the live music scene and really good food!

Matt Haliburton

Event Assistant

Matt has come in excess of 9,445 mile to be with us here at Tarren. A local boy, returning to Britain from Australia.
Matt loves…
Diving, Cray Fishing, Australian Hip Hop

Lydia Trewin


Lydia with her training in Scenic Creative Arts likes to push our build team to create really amazing sets and assets that make you go wow!
Lydia loves…
Sketching, Painting & Lighting

Sian Warran

Creative / Scenic Painter

Our very own creative and amazing scenic designer – Sian has worked across Europe creating murals and event structures. Sian has done it all and wants to do more!
Sian loves…
Her Dogs, Traveling & Healthy Eating